Pet Hotel & Boarding

Dog Wash Hours

Mon – Friday
8:00am – 7:00pm

9:00am – 2:00pm

1:00pm - 5:00pm

*Closed Major Holidays

Boarding Reservations: 507-650-7208

Day Boarding Rates

(overnight stay NOT included)

Each Kennel: $23.00
Day boarding available Monday – Saturday during regular business hours. Does not include an overnight stay. Meals available upon request for day boarders.

Your pet is our #1 concern when they come to stay with us.

We offer several deluxe and standard accommodations for you pet when you are away. Our Hotel & Boarding includes the following services. Call Today and schedule your pet's stay.

Walking & Exercise

Dogs: Each of our guests is taken to our outdoor runs three times daily for exercise, bathroom breaks and fresh air.

Cats: Each of our feline guests have playtime in our cat room that is equipped with toys and a cat tree playground. They also get LOTS of attention from our staff.


Your pet is fed twice daily unless requested otherwise. Meals available upon request for day boarders. We provide dogs with Science Diet Adult Maintenance or Nutri Source Chicken & Rice. We provide cats with Science Diet C/D (an adult feline maintenance formula).
If your dog or cat is on a different diet, we encourage you to bring that food along or you can purchase food at our retail store. We carry a wide variety of specialized and prescription diets.

Bowls are provided for each pet, please refrain from bringing your own as we do not want to misplace them.


If you wish to bring belongings such as beds, blankets and toys, please realize that your pet may act differently while staying with us than they do at home.  This may cause some anxiety, in the form on chewing or having accidents.    Please note that we are NOT responsible for damages incurred to those items while they are in our care, however we will clean/launder any items soiled if possible.  

Special treats and bones/chew items may be brought along and we will happily give them to your pet.   Please do not bring items that may cause a choking hazard.

We would be happy to give you a tour of our boarding facility. We encourage you stop in for a tour prior to bringing your pet(s) in for boarding and also recommend you do not have your pet with you at the time of the tour.


SUITES - (20 sq/ft)

For 1 Dog
For 2 Dogs



SUITES - (25 sq/ft)

For 1 Dog

For 2 Dogs



SUITES - (50 sq/ft)

$65.00/night – For 1 Dog

$118.00/night – For 2 Dogs

$171.00/night – For 3 Dogs



SUITE - (100 sq/ft)

$75.00/night – For 1 Dog

$128.00/night – For 2 Dogs

$181.00/night – For 3 Dogs


All rates are per night, each additional guest will receive all the same amenities. Dogs staying in our pet hotel will receive a complimentary bath after 6 nights. 

 An additional $5.00 per night per dog is added during holidays and the days surrounding, when we are fully booked and additional staffing is required.

Dog Hotel Suites Description

Your dog can stay in one of 4 Deluxe Suites, 8 Executive Suites, 3 Presidential Suites, or 17 Petite Suites. Guests can stay alone in their own suite or share their vacation with up to 2 family friends.

Each suite provides the dogs with comfortable beds for those non-chewers.

Each hotel guest is taken outside three times daily. You can also schedule your pet for two socialized play sessions daily with our other guests and staff along with naptimes and special treats.

Each guest must pass our socialization test prior to being allowed into play sessions. Those who do not pass are still able to board with us but not be included in socialized play sessions.

Each of our play session guests MUST be neutered or spayed if over 6 months of age. Intact animals are welcome to stay in our hotel but will not be eligible for socialized playtime.

Each guest must be current on vaccinations for rabies, distemper and kennel cough, be on monthly flea control and an intestinal de-wormer.  All vaccinations must be done PRIOR to entering boarding.   Proof of vaccination is REQUIRED Our staff is not allowed to bring your pet into our boarding facility without vaccination proof.

If your dog is taking any medications, be sure to bring them in the original bottle. This is a state requirement and it ensures that we can provide accurate information to our veterinarian in the event of an emergency.

Dog Boarding Runs

& Information

Call (507) 650-7208


(15 sq/ft)




(18 sq/ft)




(21 sq/ft)



All rates are per night and include food. Each of our canine guests receives 3 outdoor breaks per day. Socialized playtime can be added to regular boarding for $18/day.

Guests receive a complimentary bath after 6 nights.

An additional $5.00 per night is added during “peak days”: holidays and the days surrounding when we are fully booked and require additional staffing.

If your dog is taking any medications, be sure to bring them in the original bottle This is a state requirement and it ensures that we can provide accurate information to our veterinarian in the event of an emergency..


For 1 Cat
For 2 Cats


We offer our feline guests comfortable beds and a private cubby litter space in each kennel. Multiple cats from the same household can be boarded together or separate depending on owners request. We offer Hill's Feline C/D dry food, canned food can be offered as well if you prefer (you may bring your own or purchase some from our retail store). Bowls, litterboxes, litter and beds are all provided.

Each feline guest gets time out of the kennel to play in our cat room (separately or with same household siblings). We have a kitty jungle with multiple climbers, window perch, DVD designed specifically for our feline friends and plenty of human contact, if they choose to interact with us!

Medications can be administered at a small additional charge if needed. Oral medications will be $1.00/dose. Injectable medication such as insulin can also be administered but must be cleared PRIOR to booking to make sure our trained staff will be available to administer the medication properly. Injectable medications will be $11.00/injection.


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